Welcome to phpBib!

phpBib is a software for managing scientific literature.
Currently phpBib supports import from BibTeX-files, EndNote®, RIS-format and SciFinder®. You can organise all your papers in themes, share information about the papers with others (from the same research group) and give all papers a ranking. In the current release you may export the papers in your theme in a BibTeX-file or in a BibXML-file and display the papers as a webpage (and print them).
Up to now there is only a german version of this programme available. It is intended to make this software multi-langugae ready.

This project

If you are interested in supporting this project, then please contact the admin. Currently this project is a one-man-show, and I appreciate any new programmer, bug reporter or interested user.
Please use the forums at sf.net to discuss features, bugs, wishes and so on.

This web page

in the nearer future it is planned to have a demo version of the software here. As long as it is not implemented here, you can use the old demo version on my personal homepage.


Currently the version 1.12 is the stable release (German only).